25 Gifts To Get Him For Valentines Day

Here it is again, Valentine’s Day — the holiday most men believe was created by the greeting card and drugstore cartel. We dread this “holiday,” not because we don’t like to be romantic, but mainly because of the pressure we feel to purchase that perfect gift. We also know you’re expecting stale drugstore chocolates as a gift or for some of us to forget all together. But, what if this is the year he pulls through and kills it? How awkward will it be if he gives you an expensive, well-thought-out gift and you give him thermal socks?

Guys are notoriously hard to shop for; mostly we just want peace and quiet. To help the ladies (and in turn your men), your good friends here at Chip Chick have put together a well-rounded gift guide to make shopping for that perfect gift that much easier for you this Valentine’s Day.

For The Guy Who Misses His Toy Car Set – Anki Overdrive, $149


Anki Overdrive is an upgraded version of his childhood slot car racing set. It uses artificial intelligence to guide sleek robot cars around a vinyl track that you place on the floor. The cars are controlled with a smart phone (iOS or Android), which adds a video game experience to the race. The robot cars come with equipped with weapons like laser beams and traction control to gain the upper hand in each race. The only drawback is that you have to end the race to recharge the cars — otherwise, he could be playing for hours.

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For Jingle Free Pockets – OrbitKey, $29


We get to a point in our lives when carrying keys on a chain with your name on it just isn’t cool anymore. Orbitkey solves that issue by organizing your keys into a stylish quiet stack that fits nicely in your pocket. There are a bunch of colors and bands to choose from, and you can order one with a USB drive inside.

For The Binge Watcher – Amazon Fire TV Stick, $35


Nothing makes catching up on your favorite TV series over a lazy weekend afternoon better than Amazon’s Fire TV Stick. Easy to install and use, it allows you to connect to all the most popular on-demand streaming services, including Amazon Prime, with ease. For $5 more you can get him the unit that has a voice-controlled remote control.

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