20 Ways to Geek Out Your Kitchen

Kitchens are where the magic happens. Food brings people together, and at any party or dinner party, we all end up in the kitchen at some point. That’s why it should really reflect the heart of who you are. If you are a nerd that loves sci-fi films and uses the word “science” as a verb, we have some brilliant ideas for artfully designed items to bring geek into the kitchen. We have everything covered from Marvel to Star Trek, Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy to Star Wars, and even some killer superhero aprons.

Live Long and Prosper Oven Mitt

Images via ThinkGeek

Practice your Vulcan greeting every time you need to get something hot out of the oven. Or use it to welcome your guests, whatever makes you happy. It is available at ThinkGeek for $15.

Add a Drinks-Only Han Solo in Carbonite Fridge


This is the best use of the Han Solo in carbonite ever. Tuck this mini-fridge into your kitchen bar, or maybe even in a gaming room to keeps drinks cold and ready for Jabba. ThinkGeek has this iconic Han Solo fridge for $160.

Hulk Out on These Coasters

Images via Disney (cropped) and ApocalypseFab/Etsy

These coasters not only bear the intimidating Hulk smash, but they are made of steel too. Check out this set of four Fist Steel Coasters for $48 at Etsy shop ApocalypseFab.

Transform Your Fridge into a TARDIS


Make a bold statement of fandom with these custom-made TARDIS skins for your fridge. Awesome, but then you have to cope with the crushing disappointment of just seeing cheese when you open the door instead of the expanse of time and space. That’s a disappointment we can live with. Crafter and artist Joy Alyssa Day makes these and sells whole fridge decal sets for $185.

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