20 Geeky Nail Designs for Your Next Trip to the Salon

The rest of the week may be about everyone else, but your nail appointment is about you, so dive into these 20 nail art designs that are just begging to jump onto your fingers. The detail on these designs is just amazing — truly the best geek artistry has to offer.

The Avengers Team

Image Credit: The Avengers
Photos/Images via nailzbydanielle/Instagram and Disney

The Avengers never looked so cute! Instagram nail artist nailzbydanielle designed this nail art with the Avengers heads on one hand and torsos on the other. Put your hands together to assemble the Avengers!

Menacing Stormtroopers

Screenshot taken from cutepolish/YouTube, ‘Stormtrooper Nail Art’

This Youtube nail artist at cutepolish shows you how to put together an adorable array of Stormtroopers on your digits. Isn’t that pinky a little short to be a Stormtrooper?

Whimsical BB-8

Image Credit: Star Wars: the Force Awakens
Photos/Images via Nailasaurus and Disney

BB-8’s creamsicle color scheme and determined shenanigans make for great nail art. Over at Nailasaurus you can see more pictures so you can have it recreated at your next nail appointment.

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