25 Superhero Bikinis and Monokinis to Show Off Your Heroic Side

It’s warming up ladies, and that means swimsuit shopping. Sure you could go to a department store and pick through designers suits to try on under unflattering fluorescent lights, or you could try one of these 25 Superhero inspired swimsuits that are both fun and empowering.

Supergirl Bikini & Swim Skirt

Image Credit: CBS / Etsy Seller BirdsSewStuff

Who doesn’t love CBS’ new Supergirl? Well, CBS it seems, since they just shafted the show over to the CW. Anyway, Supergirl’s outfit alone is just too adorbs and begging to be made into a swimsuit. Etsy seller BirdsSewStuff takes the cake for cutest Supergirl swimsuit design.

Wonder Woman Monokini

Image Credit: Art by Alex Ross
Image Credit: Spencers / Art by Alex Ross of DC Comics

Somehow we just know Wonder Woman would have sported a monokini. This super cute one piece is from Spencer’s for $37.49.

Ariel’s Wrap Bikini Top & Retro Waisted Bottom

Image Credit: Disney's The Little Mermaid
Image Credit: Etsy Seller MTBGBOTIQUE / Disney’s The Little Mermaid

Yes, Disney princesses totally count as superheroes. Ariel’s smashing purple and green combo translates in this bikini design by Etsy seller MTBGBOTIQUE for $69.99. It is made to order, specifically for your body.

Batman Bandeau Monokini

Batman Artwork from Hello Kids
Batman Artwork from Hello Kids

Even Batman needs to occasionally get out of the cave and get some sun while drinking a bat-drink by the pool. This sporty monokini is from the TV Store for $43.95.

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