Cookie Monster Teams Up With Siri to Bake Cookies (and Sell iPhones)

Cookie Monster has a new friend in the kitchen. He’s decided to take it upon himself to bake a fresh batch, with (I’m sure) a lot of know-how plus a little help from Siri and his shiny new iPhone 6s, which I’m guessing isn’t going to be so shiny after being in that kitchen. Unfortunately, Cookie Monster also finds out that there are some problems even Siri can’t help with.

If I’m not mistaken, the real marketing hook of the ad is that Siri’s voice recognition has improved to the point where it can understand Cookie Monster — after all, setting timers and playing music is old hat for Apple’s digital assistant. Problem is, Siri cannot speed up the flow of time, which makes it difficult for Cookie Monster to get his regular fix. In fact, Cookie Monster might have even deeper problems, because the amount of things he manages to do in 50 seconds suggests that he might experience time slower than the rest of us.

While we wish everyone’s favorite cookie addict the best, we should note that Apple has something in the oven, too. They’ll be holding a press conference on Monday, when we suspect they will announce a smaller, more affordable iPhone and possibly a few other surprises.

Via AdWeek