Ghostbusters Trailer is Everything We Hoped For

July’s getting closer, and that means it’s time to start steeling our resolve against specters. The new Ghostbusters movie is coming soon, and after a long pre-trailer hype season, we’ve finally moved into pre-movie trailer frenzy hype season. These things, they’re a science now.

And science will be what makes this movie rock — specifically, Kate McKinnon as Holtzmann, the resident mad scientist and apparent proton pack creator. She wins pretty much on hair alone, but it helps that she’s fashioned a pretty brutal bear trap-style ghost catcher. She’s also pretty stoked on the idea of riding out in a hearse to fight ghosts, in one of many, many nods to the original movie (that you can see just in this trailer, to say nothing of the whole movie).

Plot-wise, it looks like more good old ghostbusting (and possible stream crossing), although there might be some time travel going on with Times Sqaure reverting back to its ’70s self at one point. Also, apparently hard slaps can reverse possession now, which would have helped an awful lot of characters in an awful lot of horror movies through the years.

Despite all the references to the old movie, it looks like the new quartet are definitely bringing their own personalities. As long as they can feed off each other like the original guys did (and with all those SNL connections, that’s a pretty good bet), we should be in for a pretty fun reboot when Ghostbusters hits theaters July 15.

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