iRobot Braava Jet is an Adorable Bot That Mops Your Hard Floors

Pretty soon, we’re going to have a whole fleet of these things. iRobot is adding to their estimable collection of cleaning robots with the Braava jet, an automated mop that will get your kitchen and bathroom floors spotless with no effort on your part. Glorious times we live in.

It’s not a totally new concept, though. Although the Braava line isn’t as well known as the Roomba, it’s been around as a hard floor sweeper and mop for some time now. The Braava jet doesn’t depart much from its predecessor, besides adding a damp sweep mode to the wet and dry options from the previous model.

Braava jet_WoodFloor_WetMop-2

The main difference is something you may or may not like. While the previous Braava required use of a cleaning cloth (one of your own that you could reuse), the new one uses pads made for the Braava jet. That has its benefits — there are separate pads for wet, damp, and dry cleaning, and the Braava jet will recognize each one automatically when it’s attached. And, while you do now have to dispose of the used pad, they’ve made that as easy as pushing an eject button on the robot. Still, that seems more wasteful than before — fortunately, you still have the option to purchase reusable, washable cleaning pads that will work with the Braava jet in the same way.

Braava jet_BathroomToekick

The Braava jet uses both a special cleaning spray and a vibrating head to clean hard floors, and like most other iRobot machines, it has obstacle detection so it can move around table legs and the like. Users will also be able to manually set up virtual walls to prevent the Braava jet from wandering off onto carpet. iRobot hasn’t specified how long the battery life will be on a full charge, except to say that it’s “long-lasting.”

The Braava jet is available starting today for $200 through irobot.com and will arrive in stores on April 1. A box of 10 disposable cleaning pads will cost $8, while a set of two reusable cleaning cloths will cost $20.

Braava jet_FillTank