Knomo Davies Double-Zip Cross Body Tablet Bag Review

The Knomo Davies Leather Cross Body bag is for women what a slim wallet is for men. It takes your essentials and simmers them down into a sleek, organized object of beauty. The Davies bag has two zippered compartments that can fit up to a 10″ tablet and one additional middle buttoned compartment. It is meant for flat items to keep its svelte shape — not so much for bigger, bulkier items.

The exterior is made out of soft full-grain leather that comes in five color choices: black, navy, green, espresso (more of an eggplant color), and gray. We tested out the black leather Davies bag. Even though the full grain leather is soft, it is also plenty durable. I dragged my nail across it a few times and there was no mark left behind. Being leather, you also have the perk of protection against spills. The real weak spot with leather bags is usually the stitching, but the Davies stitching is solid and should last for a long time without unraveling or snagging.


“Bespoke gold-look hardware” is advertised and that is a fairly accurate description. Obviously, for this price range, you can’t expect real gold. What you get here is more of a matte gold finish, which I prefer over shiny gold anyway. The zippers on this bag are substantial, not tiny and hard to find like on some purses. The strong gold-look zippers provide a nice contour line to emphasize the overall design aesthetic in a classy way.



The shoulder strap clips into the bag in the open middle compartment, which means it is also removable. The middle compartment is all leather and buttons together with just one button clasp. Inside one zippered compartment are two slip pockets that could house a smartphone and one keychain loop. The other pocket has a zippered pocket and a Knomo “If Found” tag window. You can register the product on the off chance you lose your purse and it is found by a kind and honest soul.

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