The Lego Batman Movie is the Superhero Movie We Deserve (and the One We Need Right Now)

Superhero movies aren’t allowed to just be movies anymore. Cameos have to be shoehorned in, not for audience excitement, but for the sake of promoting movies that won’t come out for another year or two (or three or four). They’re becoming more bloated, less coherent, and a lot less fun as a result — while DC is taking the brunt of the critical pounding, both Marvel and DC are guilty. It’s like we can’t get a fun, one-off superhero movie content to be itself, unless it’s Deadpool.

So, sign us up for the Lego Batman Movie, because it looks rad. There have been Lego Batman movies before, but those were more like Batman movies that happened to be Lego. The Lego Movie established Lego Batman as his own distinct, lovable oddball of a character, and he became such a fan favorite that he’s getting his own feature film.

Will Arnett will be back to voice Lego Batman, who looks like he will be as concerned with beatboxing and reheating dinner as he will be with saving the city. He’ll be joined by the Batcomputer, a digital assistant that sounds like Siri, although she sounds so much like Siri that we can’t help but wonder if this is going to be her acting debut. Best of all, we’ll get to see a side of Batman that the other films haven’t been able to show — Batman coming to terms with the mundane realities of the single life.

It looks like Batman won’t be alone, though — there’s a shot in there of him rolling out with the rest of the Lego Justice League. Are we seeing the beginnings of a Lego Cinematic Universe? Sigh. Well, yeah, I guess we are, but at least this cinematic universe looks pretty fun and awesome.

The debut trailer dropped today on the movie’s Facebook page (can’t imagine why today, of all days), so go check it out and be happy that someone out there is trying to make superheroes fun again. The Lego Batman Movie will hit theaters sometime next year.

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