The Lego Batman Movie Gets a Second Trailer

The lighter, more urban conscious Lego Batman is getting his own feature film in 2017. We are aware of this because the first trailer dropped late last week. Apparently, Lego Batman is also social media savvy — he’s keeping the hype train rolling with the second trailer in a week, and yes, this time we get to see Lego Batman mom and Lego Batman dad.

It is our hope that we do not have to sit through the passing of Lego Batman mom and Lego Batman dad in the movie itself. In this trailer, they’re just on a family photo on the wall, to which Batman tells his deeds of heroism. Well, he does until Alfred sneaks up behind him and gets punted into the piano. Apparently, Lego Alfred has some butler superpowers, because he climbs out more or less unscathed and clearly more interested in Batman’s mental health than his own well-being.

Batman promptly denies having “a moment,” before moving on to the panicked rambling and sudden dancing we’re all guilty of when caught in hopelessly awkward situations that we can’t escape. Who would have thought — Lego Batman is already looking more human than a lot of the Batmans we’ve been getting recently.

Both trailers, along with plenty more information about the movie, can be found on the movie’s official Facebook page.