Mophie’s Wireless Charging Cases for the Samsung Galaxy S7 Series Actually Make Sense

Now that the Galaxy S7 series is official, the floodgates should open for brand-name cases. Among the first is Mophie, which is introducing their first major product since Zagg acquired them for $100 million. Their juice pack line of cases is being updated for the release of the new Samsung phones with a new feature — wireless charging.

Both the S7 and the S7 Edge have built-in Qi wireless charging technology as it is, but making the cases compatible with Qi makes things a little more convenient for the end user. It’ll now be possible to charge up the case’s battery using a wireless charging pad. Thanks to pass-through charging, the phone will be charged up first, followed by the case. Charging both will be as easy as placing them on the charging pad together.

The new wireless juice packs have 3,300 mAh batteries, which won’t quite amount to a full charge. Fortunately, we can say that’s less due to Mophie using small batteries and more to Samsung using much larger batteries than usual in the S7 line.

Being a device in its own right, dropping a juice pack-clad phone will probably still be a painful experience. But, if it happens, the juice pack still uses Mophie’s Impact Isolation System, which is a formal way of saying it has extra padding around the edges and corners to absorb shock and keep the phone intact.

As usual for Mophie, the new cases look very slim, so they won’t add much to either the profile of either the S7 or the S7 Edge. When they become available, the juice pack cases for the S7 and S7 Edge will retail for $100 and come in black or rose gold — for a second there, we thought rose gold had been left behind in 2015! Mophie hasn’t said when the cases will be available, but you can sign up here to be notified when they’re ready to go.

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