Sony’s Artsy Life Space UX Line is Coming to the MoMA Store

Sony had a fairly quiet CES this year, but one interesting thing they had on display was their new Life Space UX products. Intended to put a designer touch on home electronics, the trio of elegant devices were cool showpieces, but we were left uncertain if they would ever go on sale in the United States. Turns out the answer is yes, and they’ll be coming exclusively to a very appropriate outlet — the MoMA Store.

Glass Sound Speaker_4

The artsiest product Sony has is by far their Glass Sound Speaker. It’s a hollow, organic glass tube that sits on top of a metal base. Unlike typical speakers, the Glass Sound Speaker produces sound by making that glass tube vibrate, sending out sound waves in all directions at high frequencies. That’s joined by a passive bass radiator for low frequencies and a 50 mm woofer for mid-range tones, both of which are located in the base. The elegance comes from the candle-like filament in the center of the tube that provides light. And, thanks to its relatively small size and Bluetooth connectivity, it’s a portable speaker, as well.

Portable Ultra Short Throw Projector_2

Sony will also sell the Portable Ultra Short Throw Projector, a 5.2″ x 5.2″ x 3.2″ projector that can throw an image between 22″ and 80″ onto a wall or ceiling using laser light, making it perform a little better than other projectors in well-lit areas. Despite its size, the projector has its own internal speakers and a battery that provides two hours of playback. It can be wirelessly connected to smartphones, which you can use to stream media and use as a remote. There’s also a separate wireless unit that can be connected to larger sources using an HDMI connection. Want to turn it into an art piece? There’s a tall, narrow stand sold separately for just that purpose.

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