X-Doria Lux Band is the Apple Watch Band We’ve Been Waiting For

Apple still won’t give us solid numbers on how many units of the Apple Watch they’ve sold, but we figure there’s more than a few million out there. That’s plenty enough to warrant a healthy third party accessory market, and with smartwatches, it’s all about the bands. X-Doria has a few new ones for the Apple Watch, and they look perfect if you want your Apple Watch Sport to look sharp for a special occasion.


The Lux Band is every bit as luxurious as the name implies — X-Doria has paired real leather with a chrome clasp to give the band and your Apple Watch a subtle, refined look. Better yet, they’re being made for both the 38 mm and 42 mm watch and fit wrist sizes between 125 mm and 200 mm, meaning these should still look pretty good on slimmer wrists. X-Doria is definitely aware of the gender differences implied, too. Aside from the black and brown leather options, both sizes have a crocodile finish option that comes in white for the 38 mm watch and black for the 42 mm watch.

All of the Lux Band options cost $50 — the crocodile option is just a finish, rather than actually being more expensive crocodile leather.

We love it because it wears well and looks great, all for a very reasonable price tag. It certainly helps transform even the Apple Watch Sport into a higher end looking watch.

You can order one for the 38 mm Apple Watch and the 42 mm Apple Watch directly from X-Doria.