Braven XXL Bluetooth Speaker Review – From Tailgate to Campground for Awesome Sound

The Braven XXL is a gigantic modern boombox-style Bluetooth speaker with an IPX5 waterproof rating, plus a huge 15,500 mAh battery that can both power the speaker and charge your mobile devices. It has broad, rich sound that is perfect for a camping trip or pool party.


This thing is huge. At 20.25″ x 8.25″ x 9.5″ and weighing 18 pounds, Lloyd Dobler would have had a hard time holding it over his head for the whole Peter Gabriel song — hence the XXL. Its gargantuan size is reflected in the expansive sound it offers. Inside the Braven XXL are four HD speakers and a subwoofer that can really woof. The bass was so strong, I could feel the vibrations many feet away. With a little tweaking to the treble, it was perfect for pumping Spotify throughout the house. Outside it did quite well, making it a must-have for the next spring picnic party I throw.


Poolside or at the beach, this speaker can handle some fun in the sun thanks to an IPX5 water resistant rating. This means that if the kids break into a water fight with Super Soakers, no harm will come to your Braven XXL. However, this does not mean you can drop it in the pool, so some caution is warranted. Mostly, it is party safe, whether from tipsy party goers’ drinks or from kids with water balloons.

A built-in 15,500 mAh battery lets you use the XXL to plug in and charge up your other devices. This is sorely needed during a long beach day when there’s no plug in sight. The speaker can go 14 hours on one full charge, which is impressive given its size. The Bluetooth setup is very easy to do. Just push a button, and pair. That’s it. A 3.5 mm stereo input also makes the Braven XXL a great home stereo sound system or gaming speaker. Using it with my Xbox One made the sound quite immersive. A 3.5 mm microphone input makes this great for announcements at a party, for karaoke, and all kinds of other uses. It’s a versatile speaker.


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