Cookie Monster Apple Ad Outtakes Give Us the Happy Ending We Deserved

One of Apple’s latest ads has been a smash hit, as ads go — no, we’re not talking about Taylor. Not even Taylor Swift’s star shines brighter than the Cookie Monster, whose baking adventures with Siri are still all over TV right now. But it’s kind of a bummer! It’s a funny ad, but tinged with the sadness of Cookie Monster never getting his cookies in the end. Well, Apple has outtakes from the ad showing that everything turned out OK in the end. Also, outtakes for ads. Welcome to 2016.

The outtake reel shows more of Cookie Monster’s tribulations as he struggles to pass those 15 minutes, including trying to annoy Siri with his drumming skills and getting injured by set equipment. After a minute of that and subjecting Siri to an analogue of the “Are we there yet?” treatment, the timer finally goes off, and we get the payoff we wanted — Cookie Monster getting his hands (paws? furry appendages?) on all that chewy goodness.

But, then things go awry at the end again. Cookie Monster, satisfied with a day’s work, goes to bed and says good night to his new friend. He goes on to stare at Siri for a few seconds, before wishing aloud that he had the ability to close his eyes. You are all now aware that Cookie Monster has literally never slept in his life. Come to think of it, that does explain some things.