Cooking Mama Gets Her Own Delicious Line of Apparel

The Nintendo DS/3DS has given us many heroes and heroines over the years, possibly none greater than master chef and noted PETA rival Cooking Mama. She’s cooked up five DS games, two Wii games, and now she’s getting her very own (very belated) clothing line!

Zoo Clothing, a Canadian retailer, has been carrying a Cooking Mama collection since late March. There are ten items in the line (for men and women!), including dresses, bomber jackets, pullover sweaters, and dress shirts. They all use a grid pattern using assets from the games, including Cooking Mama herself. There are three colors available, and all three have different themes. Sweet Mama has a navy background with a bunch of sweets from the series all over, while Garden Mama goes for light green with fruits, vegetables, and plants from the series, along with Mama in the garden. The Cooking Mama bomber jackets are reversible, with white on one side and the Sweet Mama design on the other. There’s also a pink Cooking Mama dress with a grab bag of icons from the series.


Main point is, if you ever wanted to rock Cooking Mama couture, you now have more options than just throwing on an apron. Everything in the collection is either $40 or $42 except for the bomber jackets, which are $96. Now we just need to hear about a new Cooking Mama game at E3, and this will be Mama’s year! Meanwhile, we’ll keep watch, with trepidation, for any apparel PETA may be inspired to create as a result of this.