Fitbit Blaze Review, The Best Fitbit Tracker Yet

The Verdict

The Fitbit Blaze offers a great deal of customization to tailor the experience to your fitness needs. That makes it a versatile fitness wearable for anyone, be it an office worker looking to move more throughout the day or a marathoner who never stops moving. Smartphone integration, music controls, and workout planning make this an excellent choice and the best wearable yet from Fitbit. Best of all, it doesn’t have that fitness tracker “look” to it that previous Fitbit trackers had, going for more of a timeless and classy look. That said, the Fitbit Blaze is really a fitness tracker with smart watch features, and when it comes to more advanced smart watch features, it simply can’t compete with a serious smart watch like the Apple Watch. But if you’re someone who is already engrained in the Fitbit eco-system and community, the Fitbit Blaze is a natural choice, just don’t kid yourself – it’s not a replacement for a serious smart watch.

The FitBit Blaze is the best wearable yet from Fitbit.

The Fitbit Blaze retails for $199.95 over at Fitbit or Amazon and the accessories are sold separately, with the classic Plum band costing $29.95 and the genuine leather band costing $99.95.

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The Good: Continuous heart rate monitoring, customizable features, nice selection of interchangeable bands, great battery life.

The Bad: Heart rate monitoring can be a little finicky, proprietary charging dock, doesn’t resemble the look of a classic watch, smart watch features are limited.

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