Huawei to Make Their Own VR Headset, May Not Come Stateside Yet

Joining Samsung and LG, Huawei announced their own VR headset over the weekend during their Shanghai launch of the P9. Like the P9 and Huawei’s other high-end phones, including the Mate 8, Huawei VR will most likely stay out of the United States for now, but it’s the latest indication that Huawei intends to compete on equal ground with the other giants of the Android smartphone world.

The Huawei VR headset is more similar to Samsung Gear VR — a Huawei phone can be slotted into the headset to function as the VR display. There will be three sizes made available to accommodate the P9, the P9 Plus, and the Mate 8, and it’s possible that similarly-sized Android phones from other companies could also work. The move is a little surprising at this juncture, considering Huawei still hasn’t moved to more VR-friendly 1440p displays on their flagship phones, but that could just be an indication that Huawei wants a year to get VR right before moving in that direction.

Engadget reports that Huawei VR will have 20 ms latency and a 95-degree field of vision, along with near-sightedness correction up to -7.00. There will also be a blue light filter to protect your eyes from being directly bombarded by harsh light at such a close distance. They’re also reporting that Huawei will make 4,000 movies, over 40 games, 350 panoramic images, and over 150 panoramic tours available for free at launch, although without knowing more details, we’re not sure how meaningful that content is — especially considering Gear VR has access to Oculus Home.

Huawei hasn’t yet announced pricing or availability for Huawei VR in China, and with the Mate 8 and the P9 not intended for a United States release, we can assume that this VR headset won’t be available here in the near future. But, Huawei made some noise about increasing their presence in the United States recently, so there’s a chance it could come over with Huawei’s next round of flagship phones in 2017.

Via Engadget from Sina Weibo