The Kotur Getsmartbag is a Gorgeous (and Smart!) New iPhone Accessory

Hey, that name doesn’t lie. This new minaudiere from Kotur looks like a terrific fashion accessory, but plenty of smarts went into the design to make sure that your iPhone remains useful while it’s locked away.

The Getsmartbag comes in two different sizes tailored to the iPhone 6 series and the iPhone 5 series, the latter of which can also snugly hold the new iPhone SE. Like any other minaudiere, this bag can hold a few other essentials besides your phone, like cosmetics and cards. But, being a phone case is its main use, and for good reason — in a handy move that should make anyone’s night out easier, Kotur has added a flip out panels to allow you to use the phone inside quickly, enabling use of both rear and front cameras, too. Quick selfies without having to dig your phone out of your bag is a pretty compelling proposition, we have to admit.


We’re also impressed by how many varieties there are to choose from. Mostly this means choosing a different color, but there’s variety in materials used, too, including snakeskin, brass, and Swarovski crystals. Unlike most minaudieres, there’s also a cross-body chain, but that can be hidden away if you want to use this as a pure minaudiere instead of a kind of mini clutch or handbag.

All of the different styles can be purchased directly from Kotur. The snakeskin and brass Getsmartbags for the iPhone 6 are $450, with the Swarovski bags getting a more premium price tag of $895. The iPhone 5/SE bags have been cut down in price to $250 and $500, respectively. Doesn’t look like they’ve made any for the iPhone 6 Plus series, unfortunately, but if you’ve got anything smaller, you’re in business. And, though it may be blasphemy, we imagine you can probably use Android phones of a similar size with the Getsmartbag, as well.