Lego Teams Up With Uniqlo to Make a Bunch of Awesome T-Shirts – For Adults

A couple weeks ago, Lego and Uniqlo announced a big line of T-shirts coming to the apparel store. Both adult and kid tees are being made, too, because Lego knows their demographics all too well. No one outgrows Lego.


Sadly, we’re only seeing men’s tees from the collection. The seven adult men’s tees are all a bit more understated than the kids line, although we have some love for the blue shirt with all the baby Lego chicks on it. The kids tees are a lot more fun and feature Ninjago heavily, because kids rightly haven’t forgotten how rad ninjas are. We’re really bummed that the Lego party Time and Barbecue Heroes shirts aren’t available in adult sizes, too. Who wouldn’t want to wear the latter at the grill?


There’s one more disappointment in store — the tees are currently available on the UK Uniqlo online store, but not in the United States. We’re hoping that changes soon. The tees cost £12.90 and £7.90 for the kids and adult sizes, respectively, which comes out to around $11 and $18.50.

Via Gizmodo