14 Hot Last Minute Mother’s Day Gifts

Mother’s Day is coming up! It’s a challenging day, as gift giving goes — you could ask mom what she wants, but she’ll probably say nothing. It’s one of the few times out of the year when having a picky, demanding mom is pretty sweet! If mom won’t come out and say what she wants, though, you’re in a spot. You have to get her something great because if you don’t, she’ll still be OK with that, and you’ll feel even worse. Not to worry, we got you — here’s the shortlist for what should make mom’s day this year.

ZTE Falcon Hotspot


Moms work hard — that can’t be helped. But, if you’ve got a mom who works on the go, you can at least make sure she’s never left without that all-important internet connection. After all, there aren’t many worse feelings than needing to get work done and not being able to do it because the Starbucks Wi-Fi decided to be uncooperative. This hotspot from ZTE works on T-Mobile’s network, giving laptops a solid 4G connection that should let mom get on with her day. You can get a ZTE Falcon Hotspot from T-Mobile for $80, but make sure that your city has good T-Mobile coverage first.

myCharge HubPlus

Speaking of not leaving mom stranded on the go, you can make sure that her battery concerns go bye-bye, too. The HubPlus combines a 6,000 mAh battery with both Lightning and Micro USB charging cables. Not only does mom not have to discriminate when it comes to devices, she can leave all those cords at home, too. The battery is big enough to charge most smartphones at least twice over, so her days of being suck with a dead battery on the road should be over, too. There are even wall prongs right on the device for easy charging. The myCharge HubPlus is available from myCharge for $100, but you can probably find it for much less on Amazon.

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Incipio Wireless Smart Outlet


A thing that goes between the wall outlet and a plug? Alright, we know, that’s a tough sell for any gift-giving occasion. But, if mom is the consummate bill-hawk of the family, the Incipio Wireless Smart Outlet could help her lower monthly electricity costs (a little). It’s a low-power monitoring device that can be connected to the home Wi-Fi network and used with Apple HomeKit. Mom can check how much electricity the appliance plugged into the device is using, and can cut the power remotely at any time. Mom may choose to use this to prank unsuspecting family members trying to watch TV, instead (we hope so, anyway). You can get one from Incipio for $40.

Speck CandyShell Inked iPhone 6/6s Spring Cases


We’ve long been fans of Speck’s colorful CandyShell Inked collection of smartphone cases. They have a handful of new floral patterns in for spring, and they’d make great mother’s day gifts. All four look great, but we love the fun Pixel Rose design for the 8-bit gamer moms out there. There are four new designs in all, each going for $40.

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