Netflix Gets a Little Zanier, Makes Animaniacs! Available for Streaming

The ongoing project to recreate the ’90s in the present day is getting so terrifying, I’m starting to think the Brain must be behind it. We’ve got a Full House revival, a miniseries continuation of The X-Files, new Twin Peaks next year, new Powerpuff Girls going on now, and that’s just what I could get down off the top of my head. As of this week, you can kind of add one more to the list — Animaniacs! is now available for streaming in its entirety on Netflix.

I say kind of because to be clear, there are no new episodes or reboots here. Netflix is just putting up all 99 of the original episodes, which is even better than new stuff, anyway. Why sully ’90s television with the present day when you can have it pure and unfiltered?

If you need a refresher, Animaniacs! was a go-to cartoon for ’90s kids just getting home from school, right alongside Pinky and the Brain (I would hope they join Netflix soon, too, but I imagine it’ll have to be on the Brain’s terms). The two cartoons perfected the art of actually being for much older audience while keeping kids (mostly) none the wiser. Yakko, Wakko, and Dot were the meta cartoon of the day, with the trio having many of their adventures in an animated version of a Warner Bros. studio lot.

We have to give Netflix credit for this one — right when they needed to convince people to pony up $2 extra per month for their service, they really sweetened the pot.

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  1. This appears to only be an American thing. That’s unfortunate, I really wanted to rewatch this. 🙁