Is the netTALK Connect 4G Wireless Plan Too Good to Be True?

Update 8/18/16: Check out our full review of NetTALK Connect Wireless here.

We’re always on the lookout for cheap wireless plans here, so when we saw that netTALK’s new Connect service gives you a whopping 10 GB of 4G LTE data with unlimited talk, text, and free International 2G data, we had to take a closer look. 10 GB is certainly the largest allotment of 4G LTE data we’ve ever seen from an MVNO at that price-point, and at $40 per month, it sounds like a steal. Let’s see if it is.

Here’s the background — like many MVNOs (carriers that license the networks of telecom giants), netTALK uses T-Mobile’s network. T-Mobile’s network has been improving at an impressive clip, but it’s still worth looking into how well they perform in your area (if you live in a rural area, you’re better served looking elsewhere). If you switch to netTALK, you can have your wireless number ported over from your existing carrier to get on their rates. Once you do, you’re looking at $40 per month for 10 GB of 4G LTE data, plus unlimited talk, text, and International 2G data.

Something to consider right off the bat is that while 10 GB is a huge number, these are single lines, and a lot of other MVNOs offer cheaper rates for lower data caps. It’s not necessarily an advantage for netTALK — 10 GB is a massive number, and a lot of customers are going to be better served going for a cheaper rate and a lower cap. But, if you’re a heavy data user and hate being throttled, netTALK looks pretty amazing.

On top of that, being that netTALK numbers are being run as an account with T-Mobile, you get the benefits that T-Mobile has allowed to trickle down to their MVNOs. That means rollover data, BingeON (which now includes YouTube), and Music Freedom. So, not only are you getting 10 GB of data, streaming music and video over services that work with those T-Mobile initiatives won’t count against the cap. Add in a max 20 GB that can rollover from month to month, and most people will find themselves with unlimited 4G data with netTALK in practice.

You can also roam in Canada, Mexico, and Puerto Rico without extra charges, plus get unlimited 2G data and texts in over 140 countries — like the benefits mentioned above, this is based on what T-Mobile offers, and T-Mobile has the best international support of any major carrier in the United States right now. netTALK’s international calling rates are posted on their site, so you can check those out ahead of time to find the countries relevant to you before subscribing, too. On top of that, calling is free if you use their netTALK Connect app to contact someone else with the app.

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  1. Please be warned, They have horrible customer service. Head to their forums to read the nightmares. Also Porting can take up to a week.

  2. I just signed up with them, received the sims and then ported both numbers ( 2 separate numbers). I had no idea where we stood, the website is about as useful as a rock. I spent a total of 6 hours on chat and emailing. I still never did get the answers I was looking for, but found that I can check and turn on/off binge using T-Mobile’s codes. and Check data with a code as well. My problem is it tells you how much you have used, but not how much you have left. I guess I was spoiled by AT&T.

    I am now using NetTAlk Connect, and the service is better than AT&T ( no more need for my microcell ). I’ll leave updates if needed for the future.

  3. you need to download the T-Mobile app to see how much data you have left. You should have 10GB 4G LTE plus 20GB data stash to start.