25 Hilarious Geeky Shower Curtains to Cheer You Up Each Morning

Your shower curtain makes a statement and sets the tone and mood of the your whole bathroom’s decor. It’s a canvas for creativity, but usually it just sits there and possibly accumulates mold if you’re not careful. Why not liven things up a little with one of these 25 lighthearted shower curtains? We promise some of them are going to look very familiar.

Exploding Tardis

Tardis-shower curtain

If my shower was bigger on the inside, I’d never leave. This oil painting styled Doctor Who Tardis shower curtain is an homage to Van Gogh as well. Double nerd credit. It’s available for $17.08 on Amazon. But if you’re looking for something a bit more traditional, you’ll want to check out this TARDIS shower curtain.

Grumpy Cat as the Little Mermaid


Be part of your world? “No,” says Grumpy Cat, but wow does that cat rock that red wig. It’s made from a water-repellent polyester fabric and is available on Amazon for $24.40.

Shower Speaker System


Catch up on nerd news or enjoy some music while showering! This shower curtain has a waterproof speaker system and a waterproof pouch where you can slip in a tablet or smartphone. Hedaya Home Fashions is selling this on Amazon for $15.

The Haymaker


If this were a SyFy movie, it would be called RoboBear v HipsterJack. My money is on the bear. Sharp Shirter makes this hilarious shower curtain along with many others, like another curtain with these two foes having a beer together. It’s available for $40.

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