Get Your Bod Summer Ready with these 25 Weight Loss Gadgets and Apps

Losing weight is hard and every little nudge of help is welcomed. Fortunately, we live in an age that is exploding in scientific understanding of weight loss and in products that provide real, discernible help in achieving your fitness goals. Of course, nothing is going to melt off the pounds for you, but using some of these 25 techie fitness products can keep you on track and help you create a successful plan and stick to it with laser focus.*



Arguably the most important aspect of starting a workout is getting to know how to do the movements safely and effectively. That is where a personal trainer comes in handy. However, not all of us have tons of money to drop on one, so we can turn to apps like Sworkit to get a grasp on proper form.

Compression Socks


Many runners feel that compression socks aid them in recovery or even mid-work out performance. Thanks to Rejuva, compression socks don’t have to look like grandma’s anymore. They sell their socks in a variety of designs and lengths.

Withings Smart Body Analyzer


Scales are capricious. Weight alone does not provide the whole picture of your fitness, especially as you gain muscle mass. That is why the Withings Smart Body Analyzer ($150) is really helpful. It analyzes your body composition, giving you a more complete picture of overall fitness. You can also track what other things may be affecting your progress.

Vew-Do Balance Board


This balance board is for those that love surfing, snowboarding, or even just hard yoga moves. There are a variety of exercises you can do with this to hone balancing muscles and stay ready for the next season of boarding. The Flow goes for $140 at the Grommet.

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