Hello Kitty and My Melody Costumes are Coming to Mario Maker

Mario Maker is one of the best games on the Wii U, and we acknowledge that that is both commentary on how rad Mario Maker is and how few standout games the Wii U has. But, even if the Wii U catalog was the greatest ever, the newest addition to the custom level creator would launch the game into the upper echelon anyway — soon, very soon, you will be able to hop around your own Mario worlds as Hello Kitty (and My Melody, too).

At 9:00 PM ET tomorrow (mark it down), both costumes will be available to use in Mario Maker. If you don’t have Mario Maker, it’s basically a tool to create your own classic 2D platformer Mario stages, complete with Goombas, Koopa Troopas, Piranha Plants, and tons of other enemies and assets from Mario history. Also, if you don’t have Mario Maker or a Wii U (if you have one without the other, we’re giving you a perplexed look right now), you now have one day to get that done. Go, quick.

Go, because if you have the chance to start stomping on Goombas with Hello Kitty, you have to take it. From the promo trailer, it looks like Hello Kitty will indeed grow to five apples tall with the help of a mushroom. All three of you who wrote a Hello Kitty versus Bowser fanfic, your time is now.

This bounty has been bequeathed unto us thanks to a licensing agreement (that from which all good things come) between Sanrio and Nintendo, something we’re hoping happens a lot more in the near and far future. The new costumes will allow players to swap in Hello Kitty or My Melody for Mario. Doing so will also open up unique animations used when moving, crouching, and swimming. Doing so will be unbearably cute.

Via Siliconera

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