OtterBox iPhone Cases are Walking Right Off Project Runway All Stars

OtterBox is always on it when it comes to heavy duty smartphone protection, but they can be lacking in the looks department — concerning, because cases are just as much fashion accessories as they are clumsiness mitigaters. That’s definitely not the case with their newest Symmetry Series cases, which were designed by a former Project Runway champ.

If you’ve been keeping up with your Project Runway, this season’s run is the fifth edition of their all stars competition. April 28’s episode saw the designers try their hand at an OtterBox smartphone case, with season 12 champion Dom Streater winning the challenge. Her designs are already set to hit shelves in the Symmetry Series, which is available for the iPhone 6/s, the iPhone 6/s Plus, and the Galaxy S7. The OtterBox Symmetry Series is one of their sleeker case lines, making it a little better suited to high fashion than the bulkier ones. Streater’s designs put colorful flowers on top of intricate geometric patterns, resulting in some lovely contrast.


The Symmetry Series by Dom Streater cases are available now. The iPhone 6/s and Galaxy S7 cases are $34, while the iPhone 6/s Plus cases are $43.