Get Yourself to San Diego Comic-Con This Year, Because this Wonder Woman Barbie is an Exclusive

We try not to throw around the word ‘best’ loosely around here, but we’re having an extremely difficult time not letting it fly to describe this Barbie doll. Mattel has blown past their previous Wonder Woman Barbies with one that looks more regal than ever before — no wonder you have to take a trip to San Diego to get one.

The Wonder Woman Barbie that came out in February for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice wasn’t too bad, with a classic color scheme on Wonder Woman’s battle dress from the new movie. We’d say it looks like this SDCC version adds on to that one, but it looks to us like the reds and blues used on the base costume are a lot deeper. Looks like they’ve added some braids in her hair, too. Oh, and did we mention she got a pretty swanky hooded robe? The shield is now all gold, and there are more details on the lasso, headdress, and sword, too. She has the longer version of her skirt on, in a royal blue that matches her cape. She’s the best.

Barbie and Wonder Woman actually have a rich history together, with dolls being released in 1999, 2003, 2008, and earlier this year. They’ve all been riffs on Diana’s classic costume, but none have been as detailed and gorgeous as this one, hence the exclusivity. If you want one, you’ll want to preorder one for $80 on Matty Collector starting June 17, then turn up to San Diego Comic-Con, which is July 21 – 24 this year. Oh, and there’s also a She-Ra Barbie doll on the way as an SDCC exclusive. She’s cool, but for her sake, we really wish she was debuting at any other time so she didn’t have to get viciously upstaged like this.

Photographer Jeff O'Brien Stylist Lin Carlson
Photographer Jeff O’Brien
Stylist Lin Carlson