Sonoro Thinks They Can Bring Back the CD Player

Sonoro, a company based out of Germany, has had some success in Europe with Cubo, a well-designed bedside alarm clock radio. They’re now going to take a crack at releasing it stateside, at they’re turning to Kickstarter to make it happen.

Alarm clock radios are a rare enough sight these days, much less one that includes a CD player. It’s not a terrible idea, though — tech design has come a long way since the heyday of the alarm clock radio, so there’s a need for CD players that can fit into an interior design scheme. And yes, there is need of CD players — as long as there are people out there with piled up CD collections from the ’90s and ’00s, there will be a need for CD players.

Besides the CD player, Cubo includes an upward-firing speaker, an AM/FM radio, a USB charging port, internet radio (using a companion app), and Bluetooth connectivity, so you can stream digital music from a mobile device or your computer. The unit also comes with a sonoroLIGHT controller that plugs into a wall socket. If you plug a lamp into that controller, you can turn it on or off or dim it using a button on Cubo or the included remote. That’s pretty handy for when you’re nestled in bed and need to turn off a lamp that isn’t quite within arm’s reach. Cubo has preloaded nature sounds to help lull you to sleep, too. If you really want to relax, you can use some of the preloaded free guided meditation programs.


A big part of Cubo’s appeal is its design. Each unit is handcrafted out of real wood with a piano lacquer finish (in walnut, white, silver, black, red, or lime), giving it a shiny, classic look. It should fit in nicely with trendy minimalist decor, while the lime color could give a pop of color to an otherwise drab room.

Sonoro’s Kickstarter campaign for their United States launch should get underway soon. The Kickstarter has $300 and $350 tiers. If you get in on the $300 tier early, you’ll get both the Cubo and the control unit for your lamp. After those are gone, $300 will get you everything but the control unit. Once all those are gone, Sonoro moves things up to the $350 tier, where it’s the same deal as the $300 tier — control unit included at first, control unit sold separately once those are gone.