Trekkies Will Line Up For These Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock Speakers

Can’t really do the image and gif reactions in real life, can you? Well, when someone acts a fool, now you can turn to Dr. Spock to let them know about it. Massive Audio has a couple of officially licensed Star Trek speakers in the form of Captain Kirk and Dr. Spock, and they’ve been preloaded with lines from the show.

The 6″ tall speakers have 38 mm drivers and Bluetooth connectivity, so you can manually warp them around the house if you want. Both speakers have a handful of lines preset, with Spock having “Live long and prosper,” “Energize,” “Set phasers on stun,” and, most importantly, “Most illogical.” Feel free to spam that one as house parties plow later and later into the night. He’ll also make phaser sounds, which I guess is a little out of character for Spock, but at least it’ll make for a nice lullaby?


Both speakers also have built-in microphones, so you can use them to issue commands from the bridge, too. Both speakers are available soon for $50 each from FameTek, a Massive Audio brand.