22 Gifts That Dads and Grads Will Love + Win the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge from AT&T

Monster ClarityHD Earbuds


Here’s a win-win for dads and grads alike. They’ll get a tougher-than-average pair of Bluetooth wireless earbuds that should be able to take some punishment, and you won’t have to spend more than $100. Monster ClarityHD earbuds can be found for $80 through Monster or as low as $37 on Amazon.

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Amiibo! Can’t go wrong with any of Nintendo’s massively popular interactive figurines for dads and grads alike. Of course, we’re partial to this adorable (and larger-than-usual) Mega Yarn Yoshi from Yoshi’s Woolly World. Nintendo doesn’t make it easy to collect these guys, though, so you’ll have to poke around Toys ‘R’ Us or other stores and see what you can find.

Phiaton MS 300 BA


No one rocks affordable audio like Phiaton. Their MS 300 BA in-ear headphones are so good, there’s no need to tell dad or grad that you scooped them up for just $100. These also happen to be one of our favorite pairs of in-ear headphones because they sound great and are super comfortable – even for those with smaller ears. Yet, somehow, they managed to get hybrid dual drivers and low frequency pass filters in there at that price. You can get a pair on Amazon.

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At .15 inches thick, this credit card-shaped external battery pack is about as thin as it gets. The 1,500 mAh capacity is pretty small as a result, and will probably only get newer flagship phones back up to about 50 percent, but in case dads or grads ever need emergency power, they could do worse. You can find Lifecard on Amazon for $60, available with both Lightning and Micro USB connectors.

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Satechi Bluetooth Wireless Gamepad


Got someone who’s starting to delve into virtual reality? If they have a smartphone-powered headset, they’ll need a Bluetooth gamepad to get the most out of it. Satechi makes a pretty nice one, and you can get it from them or Amazon for $40.

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TCL Roku 4k TV


There are lots of 4K smart TVs out there, but TCL’s latest ROKU TV’s bring together the best of both worlds – 4K visuals and the awesomely intuitive ROKU interface with its vast library of apps. Did we mention how affordable these TVs are? The 55″ 55US5800 model retails for just $549.

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  1. I want to win the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge because its the best all around smartphone on the market. Its SUPER sexy, has an awesome screen, loads of power and quite possibly the best camera in a smartphone. What’s not to love?!

  2. The reviews have been very favourable – sounds like a great all rounder with good specs and a camera which would be amazing (and I use my phone camera a lot!) I’m desperate to replace my Lumia Windows phone which has been a real disappointment and the apps are just rubbish!

  3. I want to win because I’ve always had an iPhone but have been recently drawn towards Android phones, and the S7 Edge looks really sleek. I also like the expandable storage and higher resolution display.

  4. I currently have the S6 Edge Plus and would like to upgrade to the S7 Edge because of the reintroduction of micro SD, which I missed. The all around upgraded specs and the fact that it’s water resistant just make it the best phone to have. Plus with the upgrade I could pass the S6 Edge Plus down to my mom.

  5. My girlfriend would love to have the S7 Edge to update from note 3. She likes the colorful screen and new tech with S7 Edge. Yes she’s a Samsung fan gurl!!!

  6. Quite frankly because there is no better android phone out right now. Waterproof? Check, Excellent Camera? Check. Amazing display? Double check. What’s not to love.

  7. I want to win the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge because it’s the most popular phone out right now and because I am ready for an upgrade. I am also excited about the great picture quality.

  8. I want to win this phone because I’m sick of Apple.. I’m ready to move onto Android and this is the best phone to do that with.

  9. I want one because it is waterproof and it has a great camera. I’m totally over my iPhone.

  10. I want the S7 Edge because of its improvements over last year’s models, and because Samsung added back the SD card slot.

  11. I would love to,if I win the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge,give this to my Husband because he puts everyone first and he won’t upgrade his broken phone,so we can have what we need first.

  12. I need this phone to continue my ascent on the hedonic tredmill: may it never end.

  13. The S7 Edge will make a great gift! Can’t think of anything better for my technology-fan father!

  14. I want the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge because the battery life is better then what I have and it’s way better phone.

  15. I have an earlier version of the Galaxy and it has been great. The Edge would be such a step up. I love the Edge styling of the screen.

  16. I’d like to win it because I don’t have a smartphone at the moment and I’ve heard really great things about this one! Thank you!

  17. That walnut laptop bench is really nice, I think that will fit the bill for Father’s Day. But a new phone would be even better for him! The Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is just the top phone out there. I especially like the camera and the Micro SD card capacity. 🙂

  18. I would LOVE to win this because the phone I have right now is hard for me to use and see with the screen being so small.

  19. I want the Samsung Galaxy 7 because it brought back the option to use an SD card. That’s the main reason I passed on the Galaxy 6

  20. Having dropped my phone in the toilet before, the waterproof feature of the Samsung Galaxy S7 is the biggest thing that grabs me. I think Samsung makes a great product. It would be a dream to own the Galaxy S7.

  21. Why would I love to win? Then I could perhaps join the rest of the world in owning a cellphone!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. I would like to win because I have a Galaxy S4 that is on it’s last legs and the S7 Edge is the best phone out there right now

  23. I want it because its waterproof, I have two kids (very young kids… 1 and 4) and they love getting everything wet!

  24. Because my son dropped his phone overboard on a cruise and I don’t have the money to get a replacement anytime soon.

  25. I need the S7 because everyone in my family keeps telling me my S6 is awful. I would like edge features. The phones are well designed.

  26. I would like to win the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge because my husband still doesn’t own a smart phone.

    abfantom at yahoo dot com

  27. I want the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge because all the ratings and polls I’ve seen say it is the Best! I’ve never really had a high quality phone at all and would really be Thrilled to win this Great Phone!

  28. my husband’s phone is dying , he could use a new one – and well this one is amazing so I think he would like it.

  29. My wife needs an updated phone and this is the best choice for her. It’s also a really good looking phone.

  30. I want to win the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge becausemy Galaxy S4 is slow and its screen is totally cracked….

  31. I would love to win the samsung galaxy s7 edge hubby badly needs an upgrade and it would awesome if I could surprise him with it!

  32. I want to win the samsung galaxy S7 because it would be cool to have a phone that can do everything that the latest android os can do.

  33. I want to win the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge because I’m still using a 3 year old smartphone. The S7 would be a very, very nice upgrade for me. Thanks!!!

  34. I want the samsung edge because i have been using an iPhone for so long, and i get so frustrated. i have heard great things about this phone and it seems like it has some amazing features

  35. I want to win because I’ve read great reviews of the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge and I need to upgrade my device. Thanks for the giveaway.

  36. I would love to win this phone because literally every single person who has played with this or owns it that I have talked to absolutely loves it.

  37. I want the s7 due to being an active dad in IT. it is waterproof so no more worries if it rains while checking my emial or get pushed in the pool by my daughter

  38. I want the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge because it is waterproof, has a 12mp camera, lots of storage and a big screen in an incredibly slim design! It’s perfect for me! Thanks for this wonderful giveaway!

  39. I would *love* to try out a Samsung Galaxy- it has amazing specs and reviews! It would be the best phone I’ve ever had!

  40. I want the s7 because its the latest and the greatest plus its water proof too i can take it to the beach and pool

  41. I Want The Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Because I Don;t Have A Phone Right Now, And This Is The Perfect Phone For All The Tasks I Need To Do.

  42. I want the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge because it looks like a great phone and I’m in serious need of a new one because my screen is smashed!

  43. I’d love to win because I currently don’t have a cell phone and with all the time I spend on the road with my Dad at medical appointments a quality one like this would keep me connected.

  44. I want to replace the slow HTC that I have. It is constantly needing for me to free up space.

  45. I want to win it, because I’ve still got the Galaxy S5 and before this I had the 2 LOL. I’m behind and its time I have the latest and greatest!

  46. I want to win beause my phone is stolen about 9 months ago, and from that date i use my parents phone because i don’t have a personal phone. That’s why i want to win, probably i need to win.

  47. I want to win the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge because my phone is about to break any second and I need a new phone and this phone is the best phone out there today and it’s something I’d never be able to afford. So I sure hope to win it because I use for phone for everything including business. Thank you for this generous giveaway!

  48. Everyone who has had this phone has said it’s amazing. I love that it has a great camera.

  49. I want the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge because I prefer Android phones, and it really is gorgeous.

  50. I want the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge because right now I don’t even have a cell phone. However, I really want to get a smartphone that will allow me to text message and take decent quality pictures with it. The Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge would certainly enable me to do both of those things. Thanks for the fantastic opportunity to win!

  51. The s7 would be a great phone equipped for school, as i begin studying accountancy in University later this year.

  52. Giving me an ‘Edge’ in an ever frantic world, it’d propel me to a new Galaxy of performance 🙂

  53. I would love to win this as I need a phone and am tires of my iPhone not working. I have read great reviews about this phone.