The Kimoji App Expands to Include the Whole Kanye West Family

You remember the Kimoji app, Kim Kardashian’s 250-emoji strong keyboard app? Yeah, I know, sorry for bringing it up. Well, round two has begun, and while there’s more West family, more emoji, more GIFs, and more twerking, Kimoji 2.0 is going to cost you.

Alright, it’s not that bad. All of the new content can be yours for $1 as an in-app purchase. What will you get for your hard-earned dollar? So glad you asked. Obviously, there’s going to be tons more Kim, and that absolutely includes animated emoji of her twerking. Oh, and I’m using emoji as a plural in that sentence. As in, there are several different animated emoji of Kim twerking. More than a dozen.


But, don’t go thinking this is all about Kim. After lots of teasers on her Instagram, we now know the app will include more GIFs, reaction images, and emoji, some of which feature Kanye and North. The North stuff is unsurprisingly adorable, and the Kanye stuff is unsurprisingly divisive. Kim got app developer IMVU to do the art and animations for the new content, so congratulations to those guys. The Kimoji app has been a top paid app mainstay since its original release, so IMVU is pretty much on a rocketship right now.

If you want in on the magic of Kimoji, you can find the app on the iTunes App Store and Google Play. If you haven’t been initiated yet, the app now costs $2. Those who already have the app can unlock the new content by paying another dollar.