Superman Will Be in Season Two of Supergirl

After gratuitous use of shadows and text messages, the showrunners behind Supergirl can dance around the Man of Steel no more. Executive producer Andrew Kreisberg has announced that when season two starts on the CW, Superman will appear in full. Now — who’s going to play him?

Kreisberg has offered no hints, and from his statement, it sounds like they’re still looking for actors to fill the role. At one point, Kreisberg says, “Superman will be appearing in the first two episodes of the new season and we cannot wait to see who next dons the red cape!”, which sure sounds like “we can’t wait to start holding auditions!” to us. Whoever it ends up being, the Superman reveal should be a great way to lock in viewers, now that Supergirl has officially moved from CBS to the CW. Superman aside, Supergirl should be a much more crossover-friendly show for the switch, and we wouldn’t be surprised if the added freedom does wonders for a show that had an uneven first season.

Still, the Superman reveal is going to be tricky. One of the main reasons Superman was always hidden away throughout season one was so that he didn’t overshadow Supergirl. She definitely established herself over the course of season one, but with Superman traditionally having the bulk of the fame and world-saving prowess, it’ll be interesting to see how the writers work Superman into the story, especially considering he’s only scheduled for a two-episode stint. How do you close that can of worms? Maybe he’ll find some excuse to head off-world and leave Earth in Supergirl’s capable hands?

We’ll find out how they manage it sometime next fall. Until then, let the speculation begin. We’re still not settled on who our favorite is for the role, but let’s put one theory to bed right now — it’s almost definitely not going to be Tom Welling.

Via Variety