Oh Lord, Track Suits Are Making a Comeback

Image via MTV.com / Splash
Image via MTV.com / Splash

There were some great fashion moments in the last decade that we all miss. Trucker hats, those streaky highlights all the boy banders loved, tube tops, jean tuxedos, cowboy hats, low rise jeans, pretty much everything worn in the film Mean Girls, etc., But one thing we were happy to see die a slow death was the  Juicy Couture velour tracksuit. As you recall they were like fancy velour sweatsuits that celebs like Britney Spears, Paris Hilton, Kim Kardashian and Nicole Richie lived in. The outfit truly looked incomplete without a small dog in your arm and Uggs. In some ways they were the leggings of the early 00’s but somehow $15 workout leggings from H&M looked sleek and sharp next to these fuzzy pants. Yes Jennifer Lopez looked amazing in one, but that woman can literally pull off anything.

But apparently someone thinks we need these back as Bloomingdales is working with Juicy Couture Black Label on an exclusive capsule collection of the classic tracksuits for July (can’t we just bring back flip phones instead?)The line will include velour hoodies and wide-legged pants in seven different colors, including “top hat,” “regal,” and “whisper pink.” Jackets are priced around $108, and the pants will retail for $88. As you recall some people just wore the pants with a fun tee or tank top (the trucker hat was optional) but then some liked to go full velour from head to toe.

Apparently this is another way to expand the ever-growing athleisure universe. Bloomingdale’s vice chairman, Frank Dorof told WWD, “Current fashion trends are about elevating casual sportswear, and velour is velvet’s casual antidote.” Why does velvet even need a casual antidote? Can’t some materials just not have casual partners?

Via MTV.com