Those Vans x Nintendo Sneakers Are Available for This Month Only

The Vans x Nintendo sneaker collection we heard about last month is here, and sure enough, it’s a limited edition collection. Sounds like we have until the end of the month to get in on what Vans has to offer, so the Super Mario music isn’t starting to play faster just yet.

In last week’s release, we’re seeing everything that was shown off last month — the Super MarioLegend of ZeldaDonkey Kong, and Duck Hunt shoes are all here and all ready to go into your closet, where they’ll probably stay unworn, Ferrari-style. Looks like Vans has their Authentic sneakers, their slip-ons, SK8-His, Chukka Lows, and Chima Fergusons all done up in different Nintendo patterns, along with slide-on and flip flop sandals.

The Authentic Sneakers come in four styles. We’ve got a purple-tinted Donkey Kong shoe, along with the awesome camo Duck Hunt and Princess Peach designs we’ve been pining for since last month. There’s also a funky 8-bit Mario tie dye-style sneaker that kinda brings back memories of all the color flashes we’d see when the NES wouldn’t work.

The SK8-His are available in two designs — the NES controller pattern and the one with the collection of characters from the older Mario games. The slip-ons are the Hyrule of the collection, with two 8-bit Legend of Zelda designs along with the same Mario pattern seen on the SK8-His. The Chima Fergusons get an 8-bit mushroom motif in two different colors, while the Chukka Lows get a black and red colorway with a checked grey Mario-themed pattern on the inside.

Besides the shoes, there are tons of other goodies in the collection, including apparel, backpacks, socks, hats, tote bags, and a bunch of kid-sized stuff. Best news is that nothing in the Vans x Nintendo collection is outrageously expensive — the highest-priced item is the pair of SK8-His for $75.

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