Mr. Potato Head Gets an Ugly Overhaul, But It’s for a Good Cause

Mr. Potato Head’s gotten bent all out of shape, but hey, it’s for a good cause! Hasbro UK has created the excellently named Wonky Mr. Potato Head to help support a food charity in the UK, and if you really want him, he could be yours.

Wonky Mr. Potato Head could become one of the most valuable Mr. Potato Heads of all time, which is kinda the point. Hasbro UK has put him up for auction on eBay, with all proceeds going to FareShare, that UK-based food charity. FareShare believes, among other things, that no food should be left behind — least of all misshapen potatoes. They’re a food redistribution charity, picking up food from restaurants and grocery stores after they’ve closed that would otherwise be thrown away. Instead, FareShare collects it and provides it to UK men, women, and children in need.

The great thing about that model is that FareShare can do a lot without spending that much money. Taking on food that would otherwise be thrown needlessly in the trash doesn’t cost anything, so even by just recouping transportation costs, FareShare can do a lot to feed people in need. Bidding is currently at £235, so while that doesn’t sound like a windfall for charity, FareShare can do quite a bit with it. But, that price will probably go northward — there’s still a little less than four days left on the clock.


Via Hello Giggles