25 Gorgeous Yet Geeky Wedding Cakes For Your Special Day

They say that your wedding day is truly the only day all about you. It’s your one chance to make everything about that day exactly what you want and love, starting with the wedding cake! Here are 25 wedding cakes that will keep your wedding geeky.


Does anything say devotion and integrity more than Starfleet? Invoke the Prime Directive for your ultimate “I do.”

Flickr user -anna- had this at a wedding she went to and said it was delicious. Beam me up some of that!


One does not normally associate a dragon with a wedding, but this cake elegantly incorporates an intricate creme-colored dragon with beautiful sugar wings to astounding effect.

Over the Top Cakes

This cake is so beautiful that at first you don’t even notice all the Star Wars ships in it. However, there is certain to be some fisticuffs over who gets the Millennium Falcon.

You can order this cake from Over the Top Cakes.

Over the Top Cakes

One part Batman, one part Minion, this cake hilariously depicts the union of two different but lovable characters.

If that really nails you as a couple, you can get this cake from the incredibly talented cake artists at Over the Top Cakes.

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