Lisa Frank is Coming Out With an Adult Coloring Book This Summer

The ’90s keep coming, and they don’t stop coming. This week we’re hearing about an upcoming blast from the past that promises to make all of our summers a lot less stressful. Hopefully summer isn’t too stressful of a time for you anyway, but if it is, there’s help on the horizon. We’re no strangers to the adult coloring book phenomenon, a supremely underrated for of stress relief. So, we’re pretty stoked to see that starting this month, a Lisa Frank adult coloring book will be on sale at the least stressful of all stores, Dollar General.

After Lisa Frank revealed the coloring book on Instagram last week, Entertainment Weekly revealed the four alternate covers for Color Me Lisa Frank!, a coloring book that, to be sure, is peak Lisa Frank. We don’t know about the content of the pages within, but if we can judge a book by its cover, it looks like there will be no shortage of puppies, kitten, and unicorns. You’re just going to have to be the one to provide the bright colors this time around.

Thing is, the Entertainment Weekly report indicates that they will only be sold in July and August, so if you want that sweet, sweet stress relief, you’d best not procrastinate. Color Me Lisa Frank! will retail for $3 at Dollar General stores across the nation. Seems a bit expensive for Dollar General, but hey, we’re not about to start complaining.

Via Entertainment Weekly