The Women of NASA Have Been Transformed into LEGO Minifigs

Lego did right by everyone when they started up Lego Ideas. Lego fans can submit their own dream sets (and possibly get a bit of cash if they become real), Lego has an endless supply of creative suggestions, and we all get some awesome new sets out of it in the end. The fan submission site has been responsible for Doctor Who sets and, more recently, buildable figures for Adventure Time. Today, we’re seeing a new submission that we hope hits that all-important 10,000 supporter threshold, ASAP — a set of five minifigures celebrating some of the most prominent women in NASA history.

The submission contains minifigs for Sally Ride, Margaret Hamilton, Katherine Johnson, Mae Jemison, and Nancy Grace Roman, all of whom broke barriers and advanced the mission of space travel in their own ways. Sally Ride was the first woman in space, while Mae Jemison was the first African-American woman in space, there for her abilities as a doctor. Katherine Johnson and Nancy Grace Roman were instrumental in the Apollo and Mercury missions and the Hubble Space Telescope, respectively. Margaret Hamilton worked on in-flight software for the Apollo 11 moon landing mission. That’s a long way of saying they’re all very, very deserving of being immortalized in Lego form.

The proposed set would come with a display plate and tiny buildable figures of the space shuttle and the Hubble Space Telescope, along with small mission control and lab settings. It looks amazing, and we want it pretty much now. We’re not too far away from jamming the refresh button on the Lego Ideas page, watching the supporter count.

The submission comes from a familiar place — user 20tauri, better known as Maia Weinstock. We also fell in love with another of her submissions last year — the Lego Supreme Court Bench, which featured four Lego minifigs for former and current women on the Supreme Court. That included a phenomenal minifig for Ruth Bader Ginsburg, but sadly, Weinstock had to turn the minifigs into unspecified women because of Lego’s rule against making political figures (sadness). That submission and the new NASA idea are both looking for supporters, so head over to Lego Ideas and click those buttons if you want these sets to become real!

Via Popular Science

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