Zencrate is a Smart Anti-Anxiety Dog Crate with Built-in Wifi

For pet owners that insist on their beloved furry friends living more luxurious lives than themselves, Zencrate demands attention. Not only does this upscale dog crate fit in nicely with the decor, it ensures that its inhabitant can sleep in peace, even when they’d normally get spooked.

Zencrate is a combination of fancy construction and smart home technology applied to pets. All of the technology included is there for one central purpose — helping dogs with anxiety. Jonathan Azevedo, the man behind Zencrate, developed it to help calm down his friend’s seeing eye dog, who was terrified of thunderstorms. Charger, a Labrador, had the misfortune of heading to Florida, where the thunderstorms are no joke. Azevedo wanted to help Charger relax, and the Zencrate did just that.

The Zencrate has a dark wooden finish that can easily pass as an end table — beats the ugly plastic crates that get shunted into the kitchen somewhere. The door to the crate has wooden slats to keep your dog inside, but they can be removed so your dog can go in and out easily. Inside, there’s an orthopedic memory foam cushion, and on the bottom, vibration-dampening feet work to keep the crate steady during earthquakes. Key to the Zencrate are the embedded proximity sensors, which automatically turn on fans and music, which comes from a 5-watt speaker built into the crate. The music has been selected based on research into dog anxiety and calming methods, and should help them relax during thunderstorms. Wisely, a backup battery has also been tucked into the crate, just in case one of those nasty thunderstorms knocks the power out.


When Zencrate becomes available, there will also be the option to outfit it with a Wi-Fi camera, although that will be more for the human’s sake than the dog’s sake. The camera will beam a live feed to your smartphone, so you should be able to check in on your dog at any time.

Zencrate will launch on Kickstarter sometime in the next few months, for a still-undetermined price. You can sign up for email notifications here.