25 Incredibly Geeky Yet Cozy Slippers

Keep your toes warm this winter with geeky slippers! We found 25 awesomely fun and geeky slippers that you can get for yourself or start stocking up on to use as stocking stuffers come holiday season. When all else fails while looking for a gift, everyone loves slippers.

Robot Bootie Slippers that Make Robot Noises


Be the Robot overlord of your own domain with these funny bootie slippers that make noises when you walk. The noise is described as a “vrrrrr-clank” rusty robot sound and comes with an on/off switch so that you don’t wake the whole house at night.

ThinkGeek – $25

Wampa Slippers


Built to withstand the harshest of environments, wampas can handle even your icy toes. At least these are tamed wampas and they won’t leave you dangling in peril in an ice cave like they did to poor Luke. – $26 (currently out of stock)

Bowser Slippers for the “Not Morning People”


If your morning grumps exceed the general grumpiness of Bowser, these are the perfect winter slippers for you. Just make sure to keep him away from your Princess Peach slippers. – $25 (currently out of stock)

Plush Unicorn Slippers for Grown-Ups


May your nights be magical like a unicorn and your troubles rare like unicorn sightings. This comfy slip-on design fits almost all sizes.

ThinkGeek – $25

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