Is Anna Kendrick Going To Play Squirrel Girl?

This month we’ve got Harley Quinn, and we’ll have Wonder Woman soon, but forget all that for a second — you’d better get ready for Squirrel Girl. Like most people, you are probably asking who the heck that is. Well, she’s an awesome comic book hero who debuted in 1992’s Marvel Super-Heroes vol. 2, no. 8. She is able to communicate with squirrels, and who wouldn’t want that super power? She’s got some more conventional powers, too, like super speed, strength, and healing abilities (and we assume a strong preference for nuts), and has fought villains like Thanos and Doctor Doom. Basically, she kicks ass, and Anna Kendrick is interested.

In an interview with Net-a-Porter published in July of this yearKendrick was asked what superhero she would want to play. “My brother sent me a ‘Squirrel Girl’ comic because he thinks I should,” she said. “I don’t know what Squirrel Girl does other than be half squirrel, but I could be half squirrel!” Kendrick, who turned 31 this week, is on a roll with her films right now and is fully established as a Twitter goddess, so her fans are all about it — especially as the character has a rather humorous edge to her.

But the Pitch Perfect star may have some competition as Stranger Things star Shannon Purser is also interested. In a Revelist report, she was quoted as saying, “I think Squirrel Girl is just adorable but at the same time is totally boss and completely awesome. I think people need a character like that. It’s easy in the superhero realm to feel like a lot of the female superheroes we see are grown women who are super responsible and know what their purpose is and that kind of thing. Squirrel Girl is a little bit younger and like a real person, trying to figure out her life and then also having to save the world. I love that.”

Competition is sure heating up for a film that isn’t even confirmed, but with this kind of star power available, we’re optimistic about Marvel getting Squirrel Girl ready for — when’s their next open film slot? 2020?

Via The Hollywood Reporter