An Awesome Designer Dad Created These 25 Beautiful Disney-inspired Dresses

Dads that play dress up with their kids are truly inspirational, but dads that CREATE dress up outfits for their children take this to a whole new level! Meet Designer Daddy, who creates breathtaking Disney inspired outfits for not only his children, but his clients too! You can also request a completely custom outfit from him, which is sure to help your Disney-loving imagination run wild!

Cinderella’s Stepmother


I need to find a ball or even just a wedding to crash ASAP because this incredible Cinderella Stepmother inspired dress is too fabulous to wear to any other occasion!



Alright, alright, I have no hopes of squeezing into this beauty, but I’ll bet my niece can! This beautiful blue gown is inspired by the one and only Russian Disney Princess, Anastasia!

Editor’s Note: Anastasia totally isn’t a Disney princess, but we love her anyway. Our mistake!



I don’t even care about how the heck I’m going to manage to walk in a Mermaid tail this fabulous, I just want to order one immediately. Legs are overrated (even though Ariel would not agree with that)!

Snow White


It’s rare to find any dress these days with a skirt so full and shaped like this, and it is a true dress up treat! This Snow White inspired dress is the best!

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  1. Bluth left Disney two decades before Anastasia came out. She’s absolutely not a Disney princess. We love that movie in this house (and my daughter’s bedroom design is 100% thanks to that movie), but she’s a Fox Animation character. Give credit where it’s due. Insisting she’s still somehow Disney made me lose interest in reading more.

  2. Anastasia is from Fox and Wikipedia is a site that anyone can add or change info to. It’s ny a reliable cite.

  3. No they didn’t. Haha and for everyone it’s by dream works which is owned by WB which owns fox….

  4. Am I the only one bothered that they don’t call Lady Tremaine by her name and just cinderella’s step mother.

  5. I’m bothered that this guy made some pretty amazing dresses and all the comments I saw were “Anastasia wasn’t a Disney princess” and Ariel’s dress was the wrong color. These dresses are beautiful!

  6. Just admit you all made a mistake with Anastasia and take her picture out. Disney have tons of Princes and Princesses. Give to Fox what is rightfully theirs!

  7. I honestly have always wanted an Anastasia dress. I had her barbie doll and she had the blue dress. All of these are awesome. And who cares if she isn’t Disney. That movie was amazing and gets left out of the princess recognition which is messed up.

  8. 100% Agree.

    Love Designer Daddy. But this writer should never write anything about Disney again.

  9. Just so you know the rights to Anastasia were recently purchased by Disney. Probably because A: Fox doesn’t care about having the rights to an animated feature that came out more than a decade ago, and B: there has always been confusion about her being a Disney princess because the story is based on a real life princess and when you think cartoon and princess more often then not Disney comes to mind. Yes fox made the movie but they aren’t freaking out when Disney gets credit and people shouldn’t either. She is now owned by Disney and therefore will more than likely be considered a Disney princess. Plus you missed the whole point of the article which is not about who is what but about the beautiful costumes inspired by animated princess’s.

  10. No they weren’t. That was an April Fools Joke a few years ago, Disney made to make fun of all the confusion about Anastasia. Anastasia is not a Disney Princess. But I do love that we got to see the dress.

  11. I like how you put Anastasia on here who is nowhere near a Disney Princess but just conveniently left out Tiana, Pocahontas and Jasmine

  12. These dresses are amazing!

    Also, “Cinderella’s Stepmother” has a name: Lady Tremaine, and Anastasia is Fox not Disney, but I’m sure you knew that already 🙂

  13. The dress that Ariel wore her first night in the palace was pink, not the blue color that was shown.

  14. Don Bluth made a huge name for himself outside of Disney Studios, Anastasia is not a Disney Princess, this is not a knock of Disney OR Anastasia, it just is.

  15. Is it Disney and animation that people think are synonymous, or Disney and Princesses? So frustrating either way.