The HTC 10 is Now Available in Red and Gold

When the HTC 10 first arrived in the United States, it only came in boring old silver and grey. Seeing as how pretty much everyone has at least one flashy color to help their phone stand out, that probably wasn’t a good call. Well, better late than never — HTC is introducing limited numbers of gold topaz (OK, not that unusual) and camellia red (there we go) models of the HTC 10, with orders kicking off this week.

HTC is also continuing its recent $100 discount on the HTC 10, leaving it at $600. That’s still pretty expensive, but it’s not bad for what we thought was an excellent, if unremarkable, premium smartphone. The discount is to last until August 31, but we wonder if it might last longer — with reports coming out that T-Mobile has already dropped the HTC 10, there are concerns about how well the phone is selling. Word is that it’s been doing better than previous flagship releases from HTC, but not enough to offset the company’s financial problems.

HTC spun off the Vive VR headset as a separate company earlier this year, which prompted speculation that they did so to protect their new VR business from the vulnerability of their smartphone operations. Sales of this year’s home VR headsets are still not known for sure.