The Lenovo Yoga 910 2-in-1 Has a Tougher Construction and a 4k Display

Last year, Lenovo shook up the naming scheme for their flagship 2-in-1 laptop with the Yoga 900, but besides the usual yearly processor upgrade, there wasn’t much new outside of an improved cooling system. Lenovo has more changes in store this year at IFA with the Yoga 910, including the usual hardware upgrades, a new construction, and, for the first time, a 4k display option.

At first glance, there’s not too much different from last year. Lenovo is still using their trademark watchband hinge, which helps keep the Yoga 910 as thin as it is (they managed to make it a hair thinner than the 900 at 14.3 mm, although it is slightly heavier). Aluminum returns, although this time Lenovo has upgraded the laptop to a tougher unibody construction. The most welcome change comes when you open the laptop — the bezels are much, much thinner, allowing the display to increase in size from 13.3″ to 13.9″ without making the body larger.

Not much is different in terms of specs, besides the expected move to the recently released 7th generation Intel Core i processors. The 3200 x 1800 display is gone, replaced by a 4k display option (1080p is still standard). Also new this year is a fingerprint sensor that can be used with Windows Hello as a universal sign in (Microsoft is rapidly adding third parties). The Yoga 910 also has Dolby Audio Premium and, according to Lenovo, a 15.5-hour battery life — we’ll have to do a full review to know for sure.

Oh, and there’s one more big change — after years of making Clementine Orange the signature Yoga color, Lenovo has called it quits. The Yoga 910 will only be available in the usual suspects: gold, silver, and gunmetal. When it arrives in stores in October, the Yoga 910 will start at $1,300.

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