ESPN Makes an Apt Comparison Between Michael Phelps and DuckTales

Michael Phelps’s Olympic swimming career is now (probably) over. With 23 gold medals (28 total), he’s the most decorated Olympian of all time by far, even breaking a 2,168-year old record for most individual victories (Leonidas of Rhodes had a good run). With all that gold around his neck, ESPN figured they’d make the best comparison they could with the only other figure they could think of with that much gold — Scrooge McDuck.

Whether or not Phelps shares Scrooge McDuck’s surly disposition is not a matter I’ll delve into (something for your consideration), but he certainly shares his love for the gold. For SportsCenter, ESPN threw together a short (and already dated, since he now has 23) video of Phelps diving into a sea of gold medals, as McDuck would do. It’s easy enough for ESPN to put together that little parody video, too — we’re sure Disney doesn’t mind, considering they own ESPN and all.

While it seems Phelps won’t be winning any more golds in the future, we think he can just keep swimming for a while — at 23 golds, he’s set a record that doesn’t figure to be surpassed for a very long time. Who knows, maybe we’ve seen another 2,000-year record set, but then again, we’re guessing a whole lot of kids idolizing Phelps now will be gunning for that record soon enough. Or, maybe there’s one already in the pool that could top him.

Via Oh My Disney