Monster Elements Wireless Over-Ear Headphones Review

Monsters Elements Over Ear Bluetooth headphones may be the hippest set of headphones on the market right now. This ultra-reflective rose gold pair is the epitome of affordably extravagant headphones. While the black slate and black platinum versions are much more toned down, it takes a certain amount of confidence to rock the rose golds in public.

The Elements are large over-ear headphones, by most every standard. They have a trifolding design that makes them fairly portable, and an included travel case that keeps them pretty safe. The earcups swivel, but not as you may expect. They actually just pivot forward. It’s supposed to be “DJ Style”, but we’ve found that they fit most heads better when angled forward. The headband is adjustable, but the smallest setting is pretty large, so this is where pivoting the earphone forward comes in handy. They’re pretty comfortable headphones, but rely on a good fit. There are huge plush earcups with a lot of cushion that will fully house small ears to extra large ears. The noise isolation is decent, but a lot of ambient sound can still be heard.

They are pretty sexy headphones. All the models have a highly polished and reflective finish that’s complemented by chrome highlights. There’s a lot of nice detailing on the outside of the earcups too. The build is pretty durable even though they feel a bit plasticky. The trifold design definitely helps.

You’d never suspect it, but there’s a built-in zone for touch controls on the side of the headphones. It reacts to taps and swipes for different functions like play, pause, volume, and track controls. It’s sort of a strange feature that will have mixed reviews. We suppose Monster intended on keeping the aesthetic as simple and luxurious as possible. It’s neat and you get used to it, but actual button controls would be nice too. This touchpad only works when the headphones are powered on and connected via Bluetooth.

Elements’ battery power lasts for an impressive 20 hours of music streaming. Most people will only need to charge them every few weeks. They charge with a standard micro-USB cord, which is included. Charge time is only two hours, and the included audio cable will keep you from ever going tuneless. There’s no battery required to listen with the cable. It even features an inline microphone and universal button.

The bluetooth pairing process is a piece of cake and the range is pretty solid. You should be able to roam around the house, at least a couple rooms away from the source before it cuts out. Elements uses Bluetooth 4.0 aptX, which keeps your music high quality and low latency.

There’s a microphone built-in to the headphones so you can make and take calls really clearly over wireless Bluetooth. There’s virtually no delay and our callers reported a lot of clarity even on the busy streets of New York. Just remember that a tap on the side of the headphones will end the call.

The headphones sound incredible, and they sound as good wireless as they do wired. They’re really punchy and bassy. This makes them pretty warm. They don’t overwhelm the mids, which happen to be pretty clear. The highs are pretty crisp too. There is about a 20 hour burn-in, but they don’t sound so much different, maybe just a bit warmer. They’re really kind to most every genre, not just hiphop and rock. Classics and classical holds up really nice too. A little more noise isolation could have went a long way.

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