Aussies Have Created An Awesome Xbox Onesie

Don’t let those greedy babies tell you otherwise, onesies are for all ages. Xbox Australia knows this truth, and has done us all a solid with the Xbox Onesie (get it?). It’s comfy, it looks like a spacesuit, and it’s probably real. Probably. It sounds like it’ll be sold, but you never know with these pranksters.


Not only does the Xbox Onesie look bomb, it’s probably the most tech-friendly onesie ever created. There are dedicated pockets for a controller and the media remote, along with an arm pocket for your phone. The hood has been made large to accommodate headsets, if you need to get maximum comfy. The sleeves can be rolled up during the summer months, too. They even added forearm grips so you don’t have one of those incidents where you press your forearms into the table, slip, and faceplant. That happens to everyone, right?


There are pictures of people in the onesie on Xbox Australia’s press release, so we know it’s real in some sense. But, the announcement makes no mention of pricing or availability, leaving us in the lurch. The only thing that gives us hope is that the release says the onesie can be customized with your gamertag. I have no idea if that’s an indication that the onesie will be sold or cruel bait to make us think it will be, but I sure hope it’s not the latter.

Via The Verge