Every Xbox One S Has a Tiny Master Chief Inside (But Please Don’t Take Apart Your Console)

When any new device hits stores, one of the first things that happens in 2016 is that someone (actually, dozens) gets it, takes it apart, and puts the video up on YouTube. Well, Microsoft’s not unaware of their existence, and maybe they figured they’d throw in a special treat just for them. As those teardown artists are finding out, Microsoft has had a tiny Master Chief etched on the inside of each console. Who else could be the heart and soul of the Xbox?

Austin Evans was one of the first to discover the tiny Master Chief (the primary protagonist in the Halo series). He’s on the optical disc bracket — does that mean he’s spying on you and seeing which games you’re playing? Nah, of course not. He has Cortana for that.

The chibi-style Master Chief is pretty cool, but do yourself a favor and check out the rest of the video. Apparently, it’s not enough to make gadgets look pretty on the outside anymore. The inside of the Xbox One S is very clean, with cable management 100 percent on point. The parts look like they’ve been designed to look good on their own, too. Feel free to use this as a jumping off point for conspiracy theories surrounding Microsoft wanting to use teardown videos to help sell Xbox One S units.

You can learn how to take your Xbox One S apart to see your own Master Chief, too, but you’re going to have to wave goodbye to your warranty. Probably not recommended, but that’s OK — you’ll know he’s there in your heart.

Via Games Radar