25 Geeky Baby Onesies to Say Awwwww To

Parenting the geeky way means sharing all things nerdy with your little one right from the start. We found 25 adorable and geeky baby onesies for those of you who are about to add Player 3 to your family, or if you want to find the perfect baby shower gift for geeky expecting friends.



This parent/baby combo set is a hilarious metaphor for what really happens when you procreate. Fortunately, the adult version is not a onesie.

BuffaloMtnCurios/Etsy – $28

Baby Fett


Bouncing baby bounty hunter loves his baby bear. That sounds like the beginning of a great bedtime story. This onesie is too cute for even the hardest of galaxy-traveled hooligans to handle.

retrostate/Etsy – about $13



Parenting. You are doing it right. With the TARDIS proudly being showcased in this onesie, all that’s left for you to decide is which Doctor your baby most takes after, and let’s all hope it’s not 12. Them eyebrows, though.

BuzzBearStudio/Etsy – $19.50



The bat puns will just keep coming with this outfit. While wearing this Batman onesie, everything the baby does gets to be more spectacular with a Bat prefix on it. He doesn’t just crawl, he batcrawls. He doesn’t just cry, he batcries.

LunaBeeCreations/Etsy – $15

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